Netherfield Lavender, Pure Lavender Oil

Netherfield Lavendar

Producers of 100% Pure New Zealand Lavender Oil

Netherfield Lavender, Pure Lavender Oil

Aromatherapy with Lavender Essential Oil


Essential Oils, the key ingredients in Aromatherapy

Pure essenses from aromatic plants are nature's gift to the human body and spirit. The heady scents and health-giving properties have been prized since antiquity.

Aromatherapy is the modern interpretation of this venerable practice, it uses pure essential oils, derived from plants, to sooth ailments and promote good health. The benefical effects of essential oils to the body are applied many ways, through baths, massage, compresses, vaporisers, atomisers and inhulations.

It cannot be stressed too often how important it is to use pure, natural, authentic essential oils as aromatherapy uses the pharmacological complexity of the plants for their unique therapeutic and olfactory qualities.

Storing and caring for essential oils

Essential oils are extremely volatile, atffected by the environment, light, temperature, air and moisture. Store in cool, dark and dry places.

For more detailed information on the benefits of Lavender Oil contact us for a handout.

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